Blue Bear just turned 1 1/2 years old. He was born on the
last day of the Blue Mountain Festival. The birth of Blue Bear
was a rare event due to his ocean blue hair and a bright yellow
crescent on his chest. The seven rainbow fairies named him "Blue Bear"
and gave him seven special gifts - Courage from the Fairy Cindy, Good
Health from the Fairy Sera, Wisdom from the Fairy Mimi, Curiosity from the
Fairy Lucy, a Loving Heart from the Fairy Corie, Friendliness from the Fairy
Tonya, and everlasting Happiness from the Fairy Ebba. As Blue Bear grew up,
he wanted to experience the world outside of Blue Mountain, a place nobody
has come to visit for years. When he was one year-old, his parents let him travel
around the world for 180 days. He visited Mexico, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia,
Kenya, and France and had so much fun, making many new friends.